Modern Foreign Languages Team

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Ms Gibson Head of MFL
Ms Lutchman French
Ms Smith French
Ms Hallam French
Ms Cherife French
Mr Woodward French
Ms Bektas German
Ms Peon Spanish


All students in year 7 study either French or Spanish for two hours per week. (They are put into sets at the end of the Autumn term.  In year 8, more able students have the opportunity to take on German as well as French or Spanish, which they will study up until the end of year 9, for 5 hours per fortnight.

 The curriculum is enriched by several cultural experiences offered to students throughout KS3, such as an annual day-trip to Boulogne-Sur-Mer in France, a trip to the Christmas Markets in Lille, trips to the British Film Institute for students interested in foreign cinema and a very popular residential trip to Barcelona.  We also have a long standing link with a school in Murcia, Spain with whom we have had several residential exchange visits.

 Students have the opportunity to attend after school language clubs with the foreign language assistants where they can improve and further enhance their language skills at the same time as having fun and learning about different cultures.


MFL continues to be a core subject at KS4 where all students take a language (French, German or Spanish) at GCSE.  Students study their chosen language for 5 hours per fortnight.

 The topics studied are:

  • Home and Local Area
  • Health and Sport
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Travel and the Wider World
  • Education and Work

 The exam board is AQA for GCSE, the students are examined on 4 separate skills;

  • Listening – examination – 25% of total grade
  • Reading – examination – 25% of total grade
  • Writing – examination– 25% of total grade
  • Speaking – examination – 25% of total grade

Head of Faculty: Mrs. R Gibson

0208 360 7773 Ext 204