Pan Enfield Alliance

The Pan Enfield Alliance  consists of six schools (Highlands; Winchmore; Durrants; Wilbury; Grange Park; and the Secondary Tuition Centre) and it holds a shared philosophy and commitment to:

Focus on a small number of clearly defined projects arising from shared priorities in order to deliver high quality training and support through our wealth of pooled knowledge and experience.  We will focus on quality and depth in everything we do.

Our current projects include:

  • A School Direct programme that gives students experience in all our settings
  • An  Outstanding Teacher programme
  • A Partnership between PEA and existing local Middle Leader Development Programme to provide a clear pathway for middle leaders
  • Developing  a behaviour transformation training programme
  • Contributing to development of a training programme for secondary autism
  • The appointment of at least 6 Specialist Leaders of Education
  • Development of a research network across the alliance
  • The creation of a “Sixth Formers into Teaching” programme
  • A coaching training programme open to non-teaching staff as well as teachers