At Winchmore School, we are very proud of our students and their achievements.

OFSTED said in October 2013: “Teaching is consistently good and some is outstanding. Teachers’ expert questioning and passion for their subjects extend students’ understanding. Behaviour is good and contributes well to students’ achievement. They are great ambassadors for their school. Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is strong. They are keen and ambitious and respond well to challenge. The school is a harmonious community where students treat each other and adults with respect and courtesy and feel very safe. The school is proud of the contribution of the expressive and performing arts specialism to students’ achievement and personal development. The wide range of activities and opportunities enriches the good curriculum and the life of the school and community”

Students at Winchmore make progress at a rate which is significantly above the national average, and achieve results which are above the national average. Alongside our excellence in Arts, we have a strong traditional curriculum within which students achieve very good results at GCSE, with the vast majority remaining with us in our oversubscribed 6th Form until the end of Year 13. We have a firm commitment to providing a balanced educational experience for students and believe strongly in the value of trips and educational visits to the development of our young people socially and emotionally in addition to the curricular benefits. As a result our students feel safe and valued leading to a ‘harmonious community’ (OFSTED).

Jim Owen