PSHCEE and Equal Opportunities Coordinator: Ms Y Halil
tel: 0208 360 7773 Ext 423 


Winchmore is committed to providing a high quality and inclusive education experience for all students. Our curriculum supports and underpins the whole ethos of the school. Our Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship, Enterprise Education, as well as our Relationships and Sex Education brings together the pastoral and academic elements of school life, whilst promoting the fundamental British Values, developing their cultural capital and preparing our students for work and life in modern Britain. PSHCEE is taught through tutor time and contains various tasks, assemblies, workshops, visits from external speakers/agencies, educational visits and extra- curricular activities, all of which support their development in literacy, with a particular focus on oracy. Our curriculum intends to offer a cohesive whole- school approach which enables our students to realise their potential, become healthy and safe, independent and contributing and responsible members of society.

However, as a result of recent events, it has been necessary to adapt our PSHCEE curriculum model to meet the specific needs emerging from the Covid 19 crisis. Following discussions, our approach will be centred around individual year groups and their needs and this will be established through communications with Heads of Year and addressed during PSHCEE and/ or tutor time. Conversations will also take place with Heads of Faculty as appropriate, to ensure that some essential and critical areas from the PSHCEE curriculum are covered in subject areas. For example, RSE in Science, online safety in ICT, etc.