About Us

At Winchmore School, we are very proud of our students and their achievements.

As Headteacher of Winchmore School I am very proud to lead a school that has and will continue to develop a tradition of high standards of academic achievement alongside outstanding provision for the development of young people through the arts, travel, sport, care guidance and support.  We have a commitment to help our students develop into responsible young people, who can make a contribution to society.

Our motto

learning to realise potential

Reflects this commitment on the overall development of young people in our care. We know that interesting and challenging lessons, combined with a culture where academic success is valued and respected by all members of the school community will ensure that students remain focussed on their learning.

Our success in achieving such a culture in a safe learning environment, and the opportunities we give our students to develop beyond the curriculum have undoubtedly contributed to the high academic standards and popularity of Winchmore School.

Winchmore School is a community school and as such we are working hard to further develop our links within the local community through work with business, local primary school, parents and our neighbours amongst others.

We are proud of being a truly comprehensive school where students of all abilities are able to achieve success as we also celebrate the diversity of our students and respect the heritage, religion and culture of all our students and staff.

The success of Winchmore School makes it heavily oversubscribed. Parents and students feel secure in their choice of Winchmore School both at secondary transfer and 6th Form level.  If you decide that Winchmore School provides the type of learning environment which will suit your child, and you are fortunate to be offered a place, we hope your association with us will be a long and happy one.

Jim Owen