Aims Values and Ethos

Winchmore School Mission Statement

A creative and harmonious learning community where everyone is expected to achieve their full potential

Winchmore School Aims

At Winchmore School we aim to :

Our Learning Community

  • Work together to provide a supportive, stimulating and secure learning environment in which high standards of learning and personal responsibility are expected and achieved
  • Encourage in our students, and their parents and carers, a sense of belonging and a pride in their learning community
  • Create a dynamic and creative learning community which responds to challenge, takes risks and continually improves
  • Challenge and extend the experience of our learners through a broad, balanced, flexible, relevant and progressive curriculum which has a strong focus on Internationalism and the Arts
  • Inspire and enable all students to become independent lifelong learners
  • Provide opportunities for reflection, spiritual awareness, self-knowledge and self belief
  • Develop high levels of communication, literacy, including digital literacy, numeracy, research, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Develop flexible, creative, articulate and outward looking young people fully equipped for their future success 

Expectations for Achievement

  • Develop a learning ethos and a culture of achievement
  • Encourage high levels of achievement through high standards and high expectations
  • Encourage the belief that everyone can succeed and improve on their personal best
  • Promote and celebrate all forms of achievement
  • Ensure that all members of our community share the highest expectations for themselves and for others

Working Partnerships based on Mutual Respect

  • Respect and show consideration for all members of our school community which includes our friends and neighbours in the locality and is based on core values of courtesy co-operation, commitment and contribution
  • Celebrate the different faiths and backgrounds which enrich our community especially the contribution made by our parents, carers and their wider extended famlies
  • Develop co-operation and the skills needed to work effectively in a team
  • Develop self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and respect for others
  • Inspire in individuals the confidence to contribute and make a difference to both the school and society.

Parent Partnership Policy (Draft)