Head of Faculty: Mr B Young
tel: 0208 360 7773 Ext 420

We aim to provide all of our learners in our diverse school community with consistently outstanding opportunities to progress in learning about Criminology in a way which is engaging and relevant and broadens horizons. We deliver our lessons in a focused and supportive atmosphere in which all learners are challenged and encouraged to be the best they can be. We particularly value the use of relevant real world examples in our teaching. All students will have the opportunity to learn about people and places that are different to their own experiences. Students study issues that are important to the modern world and the world of the future. We aim for all students to develop in knowledge, enquiry skills and critical thinking, using evidence to make good substantiated decisions and justifying their own opinions. We aim for all students to progress in literacy, numeracy and understanding of criminology throughout each year of study.

Level 3 Criminology At Winchmore the specification studied is WJEC/Eduqas Level 3, The units are taught chronologically as they build on each other. Units 1 and 3 are the Controlled Assessment units, students carry out the assessments once the whole unit has been taught. Units 2 and 4 are externally assessed in the form of an examination in the summer of Years 12 and 13 respectively. Students study 10 lessons of Criminology per fortnight. The department uses flipped learning as a method of teaching, which means that students complete set pieces of written work at home with guidance and then come to the lesson fully prepared with knowledge enabling a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the learners are encouraged to work on more difficult skills in class subsequently driving exam success and a deeper enhanced understanding. In Criminology students are encouraged to carry out research to support their learning.