Rewards coordinator: Miss Winter 



At Winchmore School, we want every child to feel they are recognised and valued so that they can build their confidence with the long term goal of achieving their fullest potential.  We strive to reward our students in a way that is meaningful to them and by using methods that students are motivated by to inspire them to achieve well. 

We want to ensure that, regardless of ability and age all students across the school will be able to celebrate and share in the rewards process.  Every child has the right to feel valued and recognised for their achievements to encourage them to reach their fullest potential.


We are committed to recognising positive behaviour throughout the school by using our achievement point system through which our students' efforts can be acknowledged and celebrated.  Awarding achievement points can be due to excellent effort in class, or good behaviour but can also be given for being an excellent role model to other members in the school, a volunteer for a teacher or being helpful around the school to others.   As well as  this we also have subject specific, Head of Year and a number of other rewards postcards that are able to be sent home for a variety of reasons in cases of exceptionally good behaviour.


Our faculty spotlight award is a monthly reward given out by each of the 8 faculties to a student who has shown outstanding effort and dedication within the subject.  The students are nominated by their classroom teachers and then the final student is decided by the head of each faculty.  The student is sent a HOF postcard home recognising their achievement as well as being awarded achievement points from the head of faculty and recognition throughout the school.


Every term a selection of the best work produced in lesson times is collected in and displayed throughout the school as a way to value the hard work that our students put into their studies - the students are also given achievement points in recognition of the time and effort they put in.


At the end of the Winter Term and the Summer Term we hold celebration assemblies where awards are given for excellence in progress and effort and for KS4 in particular students are rewarded the following ways for progress:  

Gold Ties: On target (Yellow or Green) in Maths, English, Science, MFL, Humanities or Option Subject.


Bronze – Grade 5 in 5 or more subjects 

Silver – Grade 6 in 5 or more subjects

Gold - Grade 7 in 5 or more subjects 

Progress Excellence Award (awarded in Year 11) - on target in 8 or more subjects -95% + Attendance and minimal lates


We are lucky enough to be on the Gold scheme for the Jack Petchey Foundation award that recognises the outstanding achievements of today’s young people by awarding them for their hard work and positive impact in their community.  Each month a student is nominated by their teachers and peers for any of the following reasons: - 

  • Helping others.

  • Being a good role model.

  • Coping with adversity.

  • Doing community work.

  • Giving service within the school community.

  • ust trying really hard.

Each successful student will receive:

  • Certificate and Frame
  • Pin Badge
  • Notes from Jack Petchey
  • Letter from Jack Petchey CBE and Membership Card
  • £300 to spend on a project of their choice within the school

Jack Petchey 2019/2020 Winners:

  • Angelica Oxford Campbell -September 2019
  • Ecem Yildiz - October 2019
  • Sherif Khalil - November 2019
  • James Dumonbreville - January 2020
  • Erin Moran - February 2020