Year 6/7 Transition

Winnchmore’s successful induction programme ensures that new students soon settle in to become happy, effective members of our school community. We have very well established links with local primary schools and our transition team visits each primary school to gather information about those students who will be joining us in September.  We offer an extensive range of transition events, to provide key information to ease any anxieties about starting secondary school. Further information and details will be shared directly with families of children who will be joining our school in September.

In addition, we organise a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs and trips to help our Year 7 students fully settle into the Winchmore community. At the end of Year 7 we organise a summer residential camping trip to celebrate the end of the transition process, enhance their team building skills and an opportunity to get to know more people on each side of the year group. Year 7 students also go to lunch for the first two terms before the rest of the school. We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September and watching them ‘Realise their full potential’. 

Transition events

Welcome email - The school sends a welcome email once the pupil receives an offer of a place.

One to one meeting - Year 6 pupils and their parents/carers are invited into Winchmore for a personal meeting as soon as they receive an offer of a place. 

Year 6 Parent and Carer Welcome evening - An evening to welcome and inform parents of the transition process and what life is like at Winchmore school. An opportunity for parents to ask any questions and to ease any anxieties. 

Taster day - Our Year 6 pupils visit the school in July and meet their Head of Year, key staff and meet other students, experience lessons and have a tour of the school.

Induction day - New Year 7 students start school in September before the rest of the school. This means they can start to become familiar with school routines without the distraction of other students.  We provide additional support to those students who take longer to settle in. We provide additional support to those students who take longer to settle in. 

1-1 Inclusion meeting - Our SENCO and inclusion team liaise with the families of students with an EHCP of Special Educational Needs to organise 1-1 integration meetings to enable us to get to know students with SEND before they start in September. 

Solo student event - A special event for students who may be the only one from their primary school joining Winchmore School. This is to allow them to establish friendships early on at the start of the academic year. 

Year 7 team building day - An activity day in early September, full of a huge range of fun team building activities to help students work together and challenge themselves. This will help them to get to know their peers and develop a strong bond amongst the year group. 

Year 7 Parent, Carer and Student information evening - An evening in the early Autumn term to become familiar with the Winchmore School Community.  At this event, we provide information about the key staff at our school, our school day, expectations, rewards and sanctions and the curriculum subjects to be studied in Year 7.