Head of Business & Computing Faculty: Miss K Hurley
tel: 0208 360 7773 Ext 431

The Business department at Winchmore School aims to develop young business entrepreneurs through the delivery of specifically tailored teaching to cater for our wide range of students. It is essential our delivery is meeting the needs of all students bilingual learners and EAL, EHCP we offer both academic and vocational courses. Literacy is a priority for us as correct use of academic language is essential for a good level of achievement to be made as key terms and accurate application in exam questions must take place. We also encourage critical thinking through the application of theory in relation to current affairs where possible. This blend of essential skills will not only enable students to leave Winchmore School prepared for success in a wide range of careers, but equip them with a lifelong thirst for knowledge and greater understanding of the world around them. We take Winchmore students learning outside the classroom with a desire to allow students experience business from a cultural capital aspect. We see it imperative that every student in the department is exposed to how businesses operate and is enriched with a business trip annually.