Expressive Arts

Head of Faculty:Ms Dives
tel: 0208 360 7773 Ext 416


Art, craft and Design encourages students to be equipped with knowledge and skills to experiment, invent, refine ideas and create their own works of art as personal outcomes. Studying  art is truly part of lifelong learning; it is a never-ending journey of discovery, it records culture, diversity, the world we live in and the creativity of British values today; it represents our history, our present and opens our mind for future preparation.

Our curriculum is designed to develop confident, inspiring individuals’ who are encouraged to creatively record ideas through the development of increasing proficiency of acquired technical skills, especially drawing and literacy, adapting, refining and evaluating their own work and that of others. Extra-curricular trips and clubs promote and provide opportunities for the ‘love’ and enjoyment of our subject. Aspiring, responsible citizens’ students are encouraged to support cross curricular projects and school events with high quality visual impact practise. Our students are welcomed into a supportive yet challenging subject area where they will study art culture and making, in breadth and depth. Our pupils achieve by experiencing a broad, balanced learning journey that is exciting and motivating.

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The Dance curriculum at Winchmore School is designed to challenge and inspire skills in performance and choreography and every student is encouraged to realise their own physical and creative potential. Dance appreciation underpins our studies of professional dance practitioners and professional dance works to analyse, describe and evaluate dance. We are committed to developing literacy skills for all of our diverse learners.  The dance curriculum studies a variety of professional works as stimuli, and these works offer cultural influences and include the study of a range of dance styles such as contemporary, hip-hop, musical theatre, capoeira and inclusive dance practice. This ensures maximal opportunity to nurture versatile performers, thinking dancers and creative choreographers; building confidence, teamwork and self management. Beyond the curriculum, students are given the opportunity to perform at school, borough and national events, attend trips to watch professional dance performances and theatre trips and participate in specialist workshops.


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Head of Drama: Mr J Waters
tel: 0208 360 7773 Ext 412

Studying Drama, in our diverse school community, allows pupils to develop their self-confidence through practical interaction with others. Through collaboration, problem-solving and creativity, students will learn the skills needed to become a positive and effective member of the modern world. The Drama department has a rich curriculum and is designed to support all students to unlock their creative potential and success. We aim to use drama at Winchmore to teach students about the rich history of theatre as well as developing performance skills and unlocking transferable skills.  Literacy skills are at the centre of the drama curriculum, and these are actively applied and developed through the use of oracy, use of specialist terminology analysis of scripts/texts and critical and thinking skills. The cultural capital opportunities in Drama helps us to make sense of the world around us and tries to answer life’s most important questions.  We have a rich extracurricular program which includes drama clubs both after school and at lunchtime, opportunities to see live professional shows including many opportunities for students to perform and a whole school musical on an annual basis.



Our curriculum is designed to challenge and support all of our students to ensure that they achieve the best outcomes possible, in terms of academic success, life chances and the development of cultural capital. The music curriculum is designed to: expose pupils to styles of music that they may not be familiar with; give pupils experiences of the three key musical skills of performing, composing and appraising; give pupils opportunity to use specialised music technology equipment; improve musical literacy through the study of Italian terms and notation skills. We also focus on developing pupils’ general literacy and oracy skills through musical discussion tasks, descriptive writing and essay writing. At KS4 we offer both vocational and academic courses, allowing a greater number of pupils the opportunity to take music at KS5.



Head of Department: Ms Dives
tel: 0208 360 7773 Ext

Subject lead of PE: Mr Pattrick


The Physical Education curriculum is designed to challenge and support all of our diverse learners at Winchmore school to develop competence through a wide range of sports and physical activity; developing physical skills and mental capacity, teamwork and evaluation. We are committed to our students ‘learning to move’ and ‘moving to learn’ to achieve the best possible outcomes for all. Our subject implements literacy  through the development of speaking and listening, use of specialist terminology, comprehension of rules and techniques and evaluation of their own and others' performance. We offer a number of extra-curricular activities in invasion games, net and wall, striking and fielding and aesthetics which consolidate and extend their skills in the core curriculum. Beyond the curriculum,  to enrich students’ cultural capital, they are given opportunities to attend trips to watch professional and elite sporting events, compete in local and borough competitions whilst encouraging students to take responsibility for their own health and fitness wellbeing.

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Lessons learned in sport can almost always be applied to life in general.

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Being part of a club or team cultivates the essential human emotion of belonging and therefore gives students and staff the confidence to succeed in other areas as well as within a competitive situation.  At Winchmore, students are encouraged to pursue interests outside of school within the community through our various club links and the contribution of our school sport partnership.

We celebrate the success of students and are always inspired by their imagination, personal success and individual excellence.



We offer many extra-curricular clubs throughout the year and will be updating this section for the start of each term

We offer peripatetic (instrumental) lessons through Enfield Music Service (EMS). These private lessons are paid for in advance and take place during the school day on a rotation to avoid too much disruption to normal lessons. Lessons are 20 or 30 minutes long and can be for pairs or individuals. Pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals, or who are Looked-After or Adopted can have their cost of lessons subsidised by the school. For more information and to sign up, please visit